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Hormone & Womb Healing


Hi, I’m Sara!

Empath Magic is a soft place to land when you’re struggling with chronic mystery symptoms. 

Instead of rushing you and offering a bandaid solution for hormone or pelvic issues, I help you interpret your body’s messages and follow your intuition to find healing. 

Empowering your knowledge of your hormones and root causes goes so much deeper than a quick fix that’s only short term. 

Looking deeper at the emotional and energetic aspects of hormones can be helpful in seeing the big picture.  Do strangers tell you their deepest, darkest secrets in the grocery store?  

You could be an empath!  Empaths are highly attuned to the energy of others and the room and often feel or absorb what others are feeling.  Learning how to release absorbed emotions can help with hormone balance.

how it all started

If you’re struggling with chronic mystery symptoms like hormone issues or pelvic problems, I can help.

After a series of tests to see what would help for my uterine polyps, severe pelvic pain, hot flashes, PMS, and heavy bleeding, a top GYN expert (let’s call him Dr. One Way Thinking ;)) told me I would have to take synthetic hormones for life.  I refused to believe this and chose a different path. 

I discovered that going on the pill for period problems only made my hormones more of a hot mess.  I learned from my grandmother to turn to mother earth for healing.  I have healed severe pelvic pain, digestive problems, low iron, migraines, anxiety, post traumatic stress, PMS, uterine polyps, and chronic UTIs. I am proud to be off all synthetic hormones and feeling good without the pill or a hysterectomy.

Here's How I Can Help You


1:1 coaching sessions


Feeling confused or worried about hormone or pelvic issues?  

It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to do next, especially when you have tried everything natural but nothing works.  Then you have to cancel your plans because you don’t feel well.  

I can help you go from survival mode to feeling good in your body again.


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Discover the latest secrets to hormone balancing, womb healing, herbalism, and find plant based, gluten free recipes.


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Learn to Live Your Dreams

A hypersensitive nervous system is linked to a hypersensitive gut.   This can throw off the delicate balance of female hormones.  Calming the nervous system and restoring the adrenals is vital for hormone balancing.  


An intentionally co-created holistic health protocol should align you with your intuition, establish you as the authority of your own health, and most importantly— help you feel better so all your dreams come true.