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Hi, I’m Sara!

I’m an herbalist, abdominal massage therapist, and natural health and healing cottagecore blogger from the wilds of Vermont.

Empath Magic is a soft place to land when you’ve been thrown a blind curve and you’re overwhelmed with deciding what medical appointment or natural healer to schedule next. 

You see, the modern world is not set up for natural health and self healing.  We didn’t get to lounge on body pillows in middle school when we got our first period.  In fact, maybe we couldn’t go to the bathroom until the test was over.

We’ve been taught it is not productive to follow our natural rhythms.

Growing up, my mom worked long hours as a nurse and my dad was going through his own stuff.  My mom got home from work at 5, and then had to do hours of computer paperwork late into the night to keep up.  

I often had bagels for dinner and fast food. You could feel the stress in our household. 

Natural Health & Healing Cottagecore Style

When I stayed at my grandparents farm I learned how to live a simple life. I got up early, came downstairs to the smell of fresh rolls baking, and pruned the apple, pear, and cherry trees with my grandmother. 

She washed our clothes in an old bathtub with a washboard outside, and she taught me how.  

My Latvian grandparents lost a child to starvation as refugees. They experienced the kind of pain most of us could never understand.   

It didn’t break them, however.  They taught me that when you feel completely broken, tend a garden, sew a dress, and take a sauna.  

Ten years ago, I thought my purpose in life was to be a mother and have a baby.  Years of trying for a baby went by. I had three failed IVFs and four failed adoption attempts.

I ended up broken emotionally and physically, with no money left and a huge lump in my breast from all the hormone drugs.

There wasn’t a turning point I remember when I felt better.  It was a slow unfolding as I began to reconnect with myself and my body and notice the beauty in nature.

From my grandparents, I learned it is possible to heal myself with the plants and flowers around me.

Natural Health, Healing, & Cottagecore

It’s creating with your own hands that transforms you.  Creativity forms a healing cocoon around you as you’re going through emotional stuff and tuning into your intuition.  

Instead of rushing you and offering a bandaid solution, this site will help you discover how to interpret your body’s messages and follow your intuition to find natural health and healing, cottagecore style.

Empowering your knowledge of your body’s deeper workings goes so much farther than a quick fix that’s only short term. 

How it all started

Feeling confused or overwhelmed by chronic mystery symptoms? Ready for natural health and healing?

After a series of tests to see what would help for my uterine polyps, severe pelvic pain, hot flashes, PMS, and heavy bleeding, a top GYN expert (let’s call him Dr. One Way Thinking ;)) told me I would have to take synthetic hormones for life.  I refused to believe this and chose a different path. 

Going on the pill for period problems only made my hormones more of a hot mess.  My grandmother taught me to turn to mother earth for natural health and healing.  I have healed severe pelvic pain, digestive problems, low iron, migraines, fatigue, anxiety, post traumatic stress, PMS, uterine polyps, and chronic UTIs holistically.

Here's How I Can Help You


1:1 coaching sessions


Feeling confused or worried about chronic mystery symptoms?  

It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to do next, especially when you have tried everything natural but nothing works.  Then you have to cancel your plans because you don’t feel well.  

I can help you go from survival mode to feeling good in your body again.


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Discover the latest secrets to hormone balancing, womb healing, herbalism, and find plant based, gluten free recipes.

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Time to Stop Waiting and Start Living


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Learn to Live Your Dreams

A hypersensitive nervous system is linked to a hypersensitive gut.   This can throw off the delicate balance of female hormones.  Calming the nervous system and restoring the adrenals is vital for hormone balancing.  


An intentionally co-created holistic health protocol should align you with your intuition, establish you as the authority of your own health, and most importantly— help you feel better so all your dreams come true.