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3 Lilac drinks for feminine health

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Did you know lilac flower drinks are amazing for feminine health and energy?  They bloom for such a short time in the spring that they remind us of the sweetness and freedom of the moment.

According to https://www.lotuswei.com/blogs/blog/flowers-lilac-flower-essencelilac flower helps us have the flexibility to adapt to changes.  It is the “go with the flow” flower that brings peace and acceptance of what is. 

The essence of lilac flower is all about emotional freedom from attachment.  

Lilac flowers are edible, but lilac stems and leaves are not so make sure to separate the flowers and don’t use the stems or leaves.

Medicinal Benefits of Lilac Flowers 


Lilacs are astringent (drying), and have bitter properties that stimulate digestive juices and bile.  Lilac is beneficial for abdominal bloating and digestive issues and has been used as a home remedy for menstrual cramps as well for centuries.  This flower also possesses anti -bacterial properties.  It’s lovely to drink the tea after meals to aid digestion.

How to Make Lilac Hot Tea

Lilac tea can be made by pouring very hot water over fresh lilac flowers, covering, and letting steep for about 13-14 minutes. Strain or remove the flowers and enjoy!  Use more flowers for a stronger lilac scent and taste, and less flowers for a more subtle flavor.


How to Make Lilac Iced Tea

To make lilac iced tea, take the lilac hot tea you made and chill it in the fridge.  Squeeze juice from ½ a lemon into the chilled liquid and stir in 5 tablespoons of maple syrup.  It will turn a light brown the color of iced tea. Serve with a fresh lilac flower on top for added magic!


How to Make Lilac Water

Put fresh lilac flowers in a clean mason jar and pour filtered water over them.  Alternatively, you can fill up a jar with water first and float the flowers on the top.  

The aroma of these nostalgic flowers permeates the air in spring and calms rigid ways of thinking.  From improving digestion to easing menstrual cramps, lilac flower drinks have huge medicinal benefits for feminine health.   

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