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5 simple ideas to capture the Cottagecore Aesthetic in an afternoon

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Are you looking to add a touch of cozy charm to your life? If so, you’ll love the delightful world of cottagecore! From vintage botanical art to flower crowns to soft and comfortable dresses, there are a variety of ways to integrate this charming aesthetic into your life.

1. Make a Flower Crown

One way to start is by making a flower crown, which is not only a fun activity but also a beautiful decoration. 

How to Make It

Take three flowers and braid the stems by crossing the outer left stem in between the two other stems and doing the same for the stem on the right.

Add a new flower after braiding for about an inch and stick the stem into the braid.

Keep braiding another 1-2 inches and weave in another flower.  Keep braiding and adding new flowers until the crown is the right length.

2.  Botanical Vintage Art

And to truly capture the essence of cottagecore, add some vintage botanical art to your home. These nostalgic prints are easy to print at your local shop.  You can even get free prints.

3.  Cottagecore Dresses

Speaking of dresses, Christy Dawn cottagecore dresses are a must-have for any wardrobe!   I am a bit obsessed with them because they make me feel like I’m on a prairie or in a Jane Austen novel.  In summertime, I always go barefoot while wearing them.

4.  Family heirlooms and thrift store finds

For the finishing touches, display some family heirlooms or thrift store finds to add personality and warmth to any space.  Whether it’s your grandmother’s china tea cups or an old wooden frame that you found at a thrift store, reusing and recycling is all part of cottagecore.  

I treasure a dresser passed down from my mom and the quality is so much better than anything I could buy.  

5.  Light Candles

And don’t forget to light some candles to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.  I love natural unscented beeswax candles because I am sensitive to synthetic fragrances.  They smell like sweet honey even when unlit.  

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own idyllic cottagecore dream – who knows, you may even start baking your own bread from scratch!

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