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Cottagecore Aesthetic vintage Botanical art prints

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The Cottagecore Aesthetic & Botanical Art

Have you fallen in love with the cottagecore aesthetic?  Cottagecore is a movement to return to a simpler, rural life.  I’ve always loved country life.  From spending time with my grandparents on their farm, I learned it is possible to heal myself with the plants and flowers around me.

DIY botanical art will completely transform your living space into a cottagecore dream. Botanical vintage art celebrates the beauty of fresh herbs and flowers with rustic charm.  

I’ve always loved rummaging around antique stores and could gaze for hours at Renaissance paintings.  There is something about cottagecore aesthetic botanical art that instantly transports you into a simpler, more peaceful time.  You can easily print and frame botanical vintage art yourself and turn any room into a tranquil oasis.

Where did these vintage botanical art prints come from?  

I spent countless hours poring through prints until I found these.  These botanical prints came from the USDA national agricultural library special collections section.  Most are from the British Flora Medica Barton, Benjamin Herbert and Thomas Castle collection of 1837.  They were made before copyrights, and I edited each one slightly by changing the size or color filter.

How to Use Cottagecore Aesthetic DIY Botanical Art

Discover these 10 rare cottagecore botanical art printables from the 1800’s. Download for free by saving the image to your phone or computer.  They are PNG files in high resolution.

  1.  Tobacco Plant 600 by 900 px
  2. Hyssop, Ginger 787 by 1000 px
  3. Yellow Flag 750 by 1000 px
  4. Elm, Eyebright, Elecampane 750 by 1000 px 
  5. Motherwort, Peppermint 639 by 1000 px
  6. Peony, Pennyroyal 630 by 1000 px
  7. Rosemary, BlackBerry 750 by 1000 px
  8. Calendula, Bachelor’s Button 1065 by 1522 px
  9. Freesias 1048 by 1582 px 
  10. Rose, Geranium, & Sweet Pea 919 by 1356 px

If you’re printing them at home, use heavy weight, high quality card or art paper.  A satin or matte finish will look gorgeous.  For printing at your local print shop, send the PNG file to a print shop such as Staples, Walgreens, Walmart etc. and go with heavy weight paper.

I hope these lovely cottagecore aesthetic botanical art prints will fill your home or office with beauty and cheer and inspire you to learn more about these herbs.  The herbs and flowers in the prints are powerful plant medicines that can be used for self healing.  

Do you love the cottagecore herbal aesthetic?  Get my free Create Your Own Latvian Herbal Apothecary Book.  Spend the afternoon making Baltic herbal remedies and then dream up new creations cloud gazing in a field.

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