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Energy Protection Crystals

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Did you have favorite energy protection crystals or rocks as a child?

When I was five I started a rock club in my basement with my friends.  I was president, of course.  I found rocks and crystals wherever I went.  Something about their perfect geometric shapes grounded and calmed me.  

On school field trips, I could be found looking for stones away from my classmates.  Now I realize that as an empath and highly sensitive child, the crystals I loved had given me a sense of protection and security.

When you’re an empath, you feel what others are feeling deeply and can tend to take on other people’s stuff.  If someone close to you has an emotional wound that is similar to yours, you may find it difficult to set healthy boundaries for fear of hurting them.

My vision is a world where empaths have released everything that is no longer serving them so they can truly be seen and serve the world with caring, open hearts. 

If you are an empath, crystals can be used to channel your flow of energy.   Crystals can clear your energy and help you release what is not yours, so you can hold clear energetic lines or boundaries.  Others may sense this shift, and be less likely to cross your energetic line. 

When you receive a crystal, cleanse it with sage or sound (think singing bowls) and try this Empath Protection Affirmation:

“I program this healing stone to bring balance and protection to my mind, body and soul. Please, bring healing to me. Thank you!” 

Remember to say thank you to the healing crystals for their gifts and support.


This warm, pomegranate color stone is healing for the root chakra. It draws energy from mother Earth and clears out negativity by flushing toxins from both your body and mind.  Garnet brings a sense of safety and grounding and boosts confidence in yourself and your worth.  Travelers traditionally carry garnet to light their way and with this gem close by you will always be protected and you will always find a way.


This blue gem brings courage to your heart and strengthens your ability to communicate to others effectively.  It calms the mind and helps give you courage to speak your truth about your needs, fears, and desires.  Turquoise is a soft and gentle truth seeker. It invites you to dig under the surface to uncover what is working for you and what is not.


Also called the Empath Stone, nuummite is a must have energy protection crystal for any empath.  Nuummite was only discovered in the 1980’s, but it was formed from volcanoes over 3 billion years ago.  It’s known as the oldest stone on earth.  This stone’s earth energy is perfect for deep feelers who need to be grounded and still enjoy being connected to the energy around them.  

This empath stone protects your aura allowing you to have a high vibration so that lower vibrational energies are not a match.  It emits a strong electromagnetic shield which allows you to walk into crowds and not be bothered by the energy and emotions of others.  Nuummite protects against environmental pollutants and negative energy as well.  

Aura Cleansing

Many empaths experience overwhelm and sensory overload being in urban, chaotic, or busy environments. As an empath, you may overhear an argument or watch/hear bad news on the TV or radio and become irritable because of the effect on you and your energy.  

Have you ever smelled a rose, taken a bath, or walked barefoot to recharge or let go of the day?  Nature regenerates and we are meant to regenerate.  Aura Cleansing Bath Potion brings that power of transformation in nature right into your hands.  🙌🏽. Try placing energy protection crystals in or near your bathtub while relaxing in the bath.

About Post Author:  Sara Lopez is an herbalist, hormone expert, and Emotion Code practitioner from Vermont and the founder of Empath Magic https://empathmagic.com.  Empath Magic is a community of empath beauties healing holistically from hormone and pelvic issues.

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