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Fear, Adenomyosis, & the Medical System

Fear, Adenomyosis, & the Medical System

When I first went to a clinic for help with heavy bleeding, painful cramping, and pelvic pain the doctor told me I would have to get an IUD or take birth control to control the symptoms.  I brought up my concerns, and she said if I didn’t do what she said I may have to get something more drastic: an ablation.  She did not bring up wanting to do more testing. 

 I was scared, and ended up on the pill.  Later down the road I was diagnosed with adenomyosis.  Good thing I didn’t get an ablation for adenomyosis.  Ablation is not a treatment for it and usually causes a sharp increase in pelvic pain.

Adenomyosis can bring up so much.  When you’re not in pain you feel so committed, determined, and hopeful but when the pain hits you feel so desperate for relief you consider surgery and meds.  You don’t want this, but you don’t know what else you can try.  You feel like you have tried it all and nothing works: acupuncture, an anti inflammatory diet, exercise, pelvic PT, etc. 

Anxiety versus Fear and Adenomyosis 

Anxiety comes from your liver releasing toxins which inflame your vagus nerve, causing anxiety.  Fear is an emotion that can be absorbed from others, inherited, or felt in reaction to a traumatic event and unprocessed at the time, causing it to be stuck in the body.  

Adenomyosis Decisions and the Medical System

Making adenomyosis decisions is not easy.

You can’t make good adenomyosis decisions when you are coming from a place of fear.  I have heard from so many women with adenomyosis who have a hysterectomy scheduled because they dread their cycle and can’t survive with such heavy bleeding or pelvic pain.  They contemplate canceling the surgery because they are scared, unsure about whether it’s needed, or they want to find relief holistically.

When I do adenomyosis consultations I always ask, “What do you see when you visualize your womb/uterus or pelvis?”  Answers range from “a black hole” to “I can’t see anything; I’m numb down there.” 

What I’ve discovered from reading hundreds of answers to this question is that we often disconnect energetically from this area because it’s wrapped up in so much pain.  This is a completely understandable response, but it prevents us from listening to our body.  

Try this: put your hands over your lower belly and in your mind ask your uterus/womb or pelvis, “what emotions are you ready to let go of?”  See if any words or images bubble up.  If not, that is completely fine.  

Now imagine your womb/uterus or pelvis in front of you.  What do you see? Are there any light, dark, or areas of color?  Is the outline fuzzy or clear?  Remember to be gentle and kind with yourself around any emotions coming up.  

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Disclaimer:  Always talk with a medical professional about health concerns.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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