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Following your heart when you’re heartbroken as an Empath

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Have you felt heartbroken as an empath?

I used to be really jealous of pregnant women and new moms with babies.  When I was six I decided my purpose in life was to be a mom and have a baby.  I’ve always had this intense feeling that I had to be fulfilling my purpose at every minute.  Having a sense of always missing something caused me to feel heartbroken as an empath. It was almost painful at times because you feel like you’re wasting your time when you do normal stuff.  I think it’s an empath thing.  

Are you an empath?

I knew it would not be easy to have a baby but I believed 100% that I could achieve my dream despite having adenomyosis and endometriosis, conditions that could affect fertility.  

Having to lay in the back of my car under covers after I had just inseminated myself, sweating because of the summer heat, was trying.  I had rounds of IVF which left me at a doctors office finding out I had yet again, a negative pregnancy result.  I was a hormonal mess coming off the synthetic hormones and in a puddle of tears every time I saw a baby.  

Deciding to go the route of adoption next, my wife and I ended up having many failed adoption matches.  We fostered a two year old girl and her brother.  Ever since this girl was reunited with her mom she has floated into my life and then disappeared into the foster care system, and then reappeared.

What is it like to be heartbroken as an empath?

There was a period of time I walked down into my shadow, heartbroken, and felt empty of any purpose in life.  I believed I was not worthy because I had no kid to take care of.  People ask when you’re going to try again.  It makes you feel like something is wrong with you if you’re not sure you want to try again.  

“Universe, what the hell am I supposed to do now that that didn’t work?” I screamed. You know what I discovered?  I had a limiting belief that I was not good enough unless I was a mom. I believed I was not worthy unless I was taking care of someone. 

Eventually the spring came, the winter ended, the soil became warm, and like nature, I began to regenerate.  I took the time for self healing, and held some hands as I walked up and out into the world again.  Part of the journey was accepting that I CAN shift, I CAN reenvision, and I CAN redefine my purpose.  

One of my healer friends asked if I would like an Emotion Code session and I was willing to try anything.  I didn’t realize until I worked with her that I had created a heart wall to protect myself from feeling pain again.

What is a heart wall?  

A heart wall is created by your subconscious to protect you from heartache.  It is made up of many unprocessed emotions from the past when you don’t allow yourself to feel sad.  You don’t allow yourself to feel angry.  You don’t allow yourself to feel disappointed.  These unexpressed emotions gather around your heart.  The subconscious mind records everything your heart experiences.  

Most of us have a heart wall because we have had a traumatic event in the past.  A heart wall can also be called an under active or blocked heart chakra from being heartbroken as an empath.  

How do heart walls affect Empaths?

You can think of a heart wall like a castle or fortress around your heart.  Pain can’t get in, but neither can love or deep feeling.  Heart walls block abundance and love.

Empaths often struggle with accepting their own emotions. They are deep feelers and tend to be more tuned into the emotions of others rather than their own feelings.  

Can I protect my heart without having a heart wall?

Protecting your energy and heart chakra is important for every HSP empath. You can clear your heart wall and then shield your energy field.  

To clear your heart wall, the book Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson is a good resource.  Clearing the heart wall is not an overnight process.  It starts with calming your nervous system so you feel safe to accept all your feelings.

Self care rituals allow you to nurture and listen to your heart.  Empath Protection Potion is an organic essential oil roll-on that clears your energy and helps you release what is not yours, so you can hold clear energetic lines or boundaries.  

Use these Affirmations for the Heart while applying Empath Protection Potion to your heart. 

  • I feel my feelings deeply and completely.
  •  I am worthy. I am valuable and loved just as I am. 
  •  I am not defined by who I’m taking care of. 
  • I allow myself to re envision and reshape my dreams when I feel called.
HSP Empath Shielding Affirmation 

An energetic boundary is an invisible shield that screens incoming and outgoing energy.  Shielding reminds us on a subconscious level that we have the power to choose who and what we let into our heart.  My friend Paola shared this and now I do it daily.

“Shield from the right to the left, the top the bottom, front and the back, and all the cracks in between with bronze, silver, gold, and titanium however many feet 1000 2000 feet and then ask for (God, the divine, universe, who you believe) to put suits of armor over the top of that so nothing can get through. I also ground and shield my house, car, puppy etc.. when I finish I say “shield and armor up.”

Author bio: Sara Lopez is a hormone expert, Emotion Code practitioner, and herbalist from Vermont.  She is the founder of the 2022 Empath Summit and creator of Empath Magic. Empath Magic is a community for empath beauties on a path to heal their hormones and womb/pelvis holistically.

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