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Hormone Restore: Hormone Balancing Diet Tips

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Heyyy beauties!  👋🏽. Hope you’re well. Are you ready to restore your hormones through a hormone balancing diet? Thank you for checking out my top 5 hormone balancing diet tips. 

If you’re experiencing painful, frustrating mystery symptoms like:

  •  heavy or irregular periods
  • vaginal/pelvic pain
  • anxiety
  • low mood
  • headaches
  • adenomyosis and/or endometriosis
  • fibroids or cysts 
  • digestion issues 
  • fatigue

and you’ve tried everything natural but nothing works, read on.

My Journey

After a series of tests to see what would help for my uterine polyps, anxiety, severe pelvic pain, hot flashes, PMS, and heavy bleeding, a top GYN expert (let’s call him Dr. One Way Thinking ;)) told me I would have to take synthetic hormones for life.  I refused to believe this and chose a different path. 

Going on the pill for period problems only made my hormones more of a hot mess.  I learned from my grandmother to turn to mother earth for healing.  

I have healed severe pelvic pain, digestive problems, low iron, migraines, anxiety, post traumatic stress, PMS, uterine polyps, and chronic UTIs. It feels good to be back to enjoying life without the pill or a hysterectomy.

On the journey to balancing my hormones, I realized my calling was to help others find their own heart, soul, and womb wisdom. Next, I did an apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, the Period Girl, and other women’s health experts. This training gave me the expertise to support countless women on their healing journeys.

Next we’ll get into my top 5 tips to restore natural hormone balance and heal feminine energy.



How do i balance my hormones?
    1. Hydrate your womb/uterus.

Drinking tons of water alone doesn’t hydrate you or your womb/uterus on a deep level.  Fresh, raw fruit 🍎 and vegetables contain living water 💦 that hydrates your liver and uterus/womb fully.

Last summer I realized I was chronically dehydrated, even though I drank a lot of water.  Why?  I drank three strong cups of black tea ☕️ per day as well as sparkling water 💧 or seltzer.  Caffeine is very dehydrating. Seltzer and sparkling water are also dehydrating.  Dehydration is bad for period cramps and decreases energy, especially if you have irregular periods.

To truly hydrate, I drank coconut water, ate 🥭 mangoes and 🍒 cherries, and upped my fresh fruit and veggie intake.  Coconut 🌴 water has the same electrolyte balance that we have in our blood making it the highest electrolyte source.  

N.Y. Times bestselling author Anthony William shares that cherries 🍒 get rid of toxins in the uterus.  Mangos 🥭 contain prebiotic compounds that encourage  and feed the good bacteria in the pelvis and intestines.  I could literally feel my uterus and ovaries drinking in this nourishing goodness.

2.  Take B12.

The best kind of B12 supplement has methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin together.  Methylcobalamin is needed for nervous system and adrenal support.  Adenosylcobalamin supports the central nervous system, liver, and endocrine system (the endocrine system is the glands and organs that make hormones).  

You need B12 for methylation.  Methylation is what turns biological switches on and off for many different systems in the body.

“B12 supports and repairs the endocrine system.  It keeps homocysteine levels down, which helps reduce inflammation.”- Anthony William.

A blood test may show you have high levels of B12.  This doesn’t mean your body can absorb it.  I take liquid B12 without any fillers like citric acid or “natural” flavors.  Yup, watch out for “natural” flavors.  They aren’t natural!

Take natural vitamin C and eat foods high in vitamin C.


Vitamin C increases progesterone.  Progesterone is the hormone that boosts a healthy mood, good sleep, and a calm nervous system.

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids have an anti-estrogenic effect on the uterus. A study showed that vitamin C was able to reduce heavy bleeding in 87% of women who participated.

Buffered vitamin C is not as acidic as other forms of vitamin C like ascorbic acid. Often people who are sensitive prefer buffered vitamin C.  I take natural vitamin C, and prefer it to ascorbic acid.  Vitamin C helps with iron absorption and strengthening blood vessels.  

Foods highest in vitamin C include:

    • green chili peppers

    • yellow sweet 🫑 peppers

    • cantaloupe 🍈 

    • parsley

    • guava

4. Use essential oils on your belly/womb.

Using anti-inflammatory essential oils mixed with a carrier oil on your belly can help restore hormone balance and heal disconnection from our womb and feminine energy.  It’s important not to overdo it with essential oils and remember less is more!


Top essential oils to balance hormones:

Lavender essential oil

Calming and relaxing aroma.  Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and this oil is helpful for period pain, cramps, and heavy bleeding. This essential oil soothes the prostaglandins involved with pain and uterine contractions.

Clary Sage essential oil

Soothing and calming antispasmodic properties.  Clary sage oil is helpful for cramps and pain.  Clary sage is a hormone balancer and eases bloating and mood swings.

5.  Drink celery juice.

Celery and celery juice:

    • contain the chemical apigenin that activates the soothing parasympathetic tone of the nervous system.

    • increases glutathione, our master detoxifier

    • knocks out low grade pathogens in our reproductive system and GI tract

    • increases hydrochloric acid in the gut so we can digest food better

Low grade pathogens and toxins in the womb/uterus are a root cause of period cramps, heavy or irregular periods, and hormone imbalance.  Celery juice is the ultimate pathogen buster.  This information came from Anthony William, the Medium Medium.  

I hope these top five hormone balancing tips help you find relief and feel energized.

Want to say hi and share what you’re struggling with?  I’d love to hear from you.  My email is sara@empathmagic.com.

Website:  https://empathmagic.com.

Disclaimer:  Always talk with a medical professional about health concerns.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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