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How to Make Herbal Honey

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How to Make Herbal Honey

Have you tried herbal honey?  Herbal honey tastes divine and contains so many nutrients that will boost your immune system and calm your spirit.  You can mix it in tea, slather it on biscuits, or my favorite, eat it right from the spoon!  

As a second generation Latvian, I have loved honey from the moment I could remember.  Latvians believe bees have very sensitive senses and they can feel each other’s emotions, so you should speak kindly around them.

Latvian beekeepers use almost every part of the hive, including honey, propolis, wax, royal jelly and ambrosia, or bee bread.

Latvians believe honey makes life sweeter.  Every Latvian keeps the tradition alive and knows exactly which type of honey is good for which ailment.

Making Homemade Herbal Honey 

After buying and falling in love with herbal honey, I wondered if I could make it myself.  I asked my local apothecary, Railyard Apothecary, and they told me how easy it was.  It felt so empowering to make natural plant medicine that could help my family and I heal.  


Note:  It is completely up to you how much herbal honey you want to make.  I don’t include amounts of ingredients here so you can use your intuition.  You can’t go wrong with the amounts!  Make sure your herbs are organic and not sprayed.

  • Dried nettle
  • Raw liquid honey
  • Dried rose petals
  • Wooden chopsticks
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Glass jar with lid 

I’m pushing the herbs into honey with a chopstick.

Shaking the jar of honey is key.

Herbal Honey How To:

  • Put nettle, cinnamon sticks, and rose petals in the bottom of the clean, dry glass jar.
  • Pour the honey on top of the herbs.
  • Mix herbs into honey with chopsticks.
  • Let the jar sit in a cool, dark cabinet and shake it every few days.  
  • It’s up to you if you want to strain out the herbs with cheesecloth or not.  
  • Try not to get sticky!  You may need a shower.

Benefits of Herbal Honey

Bursting with brain boosting vitamins and nutrients, raw herbal honey is also anti-inflammatory.  Anthony William, the Medical Medium, shares, “Since bees collect from plant species far and wide, the fructose and glucose in honey are saturated with more than 200,000 undiscovered phytochemical compounds and agents, including pathogen-killers, phytochemicals that help protect you from radiation damage, and anti-cancerous phytochemicals.”

Herbs in Herbal Honey

The possibilities of what herbs to infuse in honey are endless.  The recipe above contains some of my favorites:  rose, cinnamon, and nettle.


Phenylethylamine is a chemical in roses that give them their signature scent.  This chemical contains an amino acid that slows down the breakdown of beta endorphins.  Beta endorphins are a hormone that make us feel euphoric and in love.  They relieve pain and have been shown to be stronger than morphine!  


Do you have good memories of baking with cinnamon?  Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices in the world, and it has been used for its healing powers in many kinds of holistic medicine.

Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, an antispasmodic, and eugenol which stops the biosynthesis of prostaglandins and reduces inflammation.  


Nettles contain loads of vitamins and minerals to nourish your adrenal glands, thyroid, and liver.  

They are high in both iron and vitamin C, and they support your liver in balancing estrogen levels.  Nettles are a blood builder and gentle detoxifier.

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