Hormone & Reproductive System Wellness Retreat

Hormone & Reproductive System Wellness: One Day Retreat

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Turn Up Self Love 

Join us for a one day journey to come together and tap into our intuitive collective wisdom so we can HEAL our reproductive system and hormones from a foundation of self love.  

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Info Coming: February 2023

It’s time to send your reproductive system some LOVE. 

 Think of this time as a self care ritual and make it an experience where you wake up your senses.  

  • Light a candle to fill your space with beauty.  
  • Get cozy with your favorite warm herbal tea or green drink.  
  • Be comfortable with pillows and a blanket so it feels like a healing cocoon.

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The retreat will give you space to connect with your highest self and be present in the moment so you can access self 💕 love.  

When you live from a place of self love, you’ll:

  • Honor your boundaries 
  • Know yourself 
  • Love your body
  • Feel worthy of love 💗 
  • Boost your immune system

Those struggling with hormone or reproductive system issues deserve to be held in a safe and sacred space so they can gently turn their attention to their heart space. Their biggest challenge is often taking care of themsleves first before helping others.  Daily self care rituals are the secret to shining from the inside out.  

The retreat will be filled with amazing speakers who are ready to support you as you go deeper on your healing path.

You can attend the retreat absolutely free.  The links to join each speaker session will be live here, and they will be emailed to you as well.

As host of the retreat, I want to introduce myself and warmly welcome you.  I’m Sara Lopez, a Certified Hormone Specialist from Vermont, U.S.  

Register for the retreat to win our organic handmade giveaways which will include womb potion, an empath box, empath protection potion, aura cleansing bath potion, and pink yarrow flower essence.  Winners will be announced LIVE at the end of speaker talks.  U.S. or Canadian addresses only for the giveaway.

Speaker Schedule

Speaker:  Rachel Pelisson, Intuitive Coach


Speaker:  Sara Lopez, Certified Hormone Specialist

Session:  Hormones & Emotional Wellness 

 All zoom links for sessions will be emailed to you one week before, and again, one day before, the summit.  A replay of talks will be emailed after the retreat.

Get to Know Our Experts

Meet the crew of big thinkers and paradigm-shifters who will be joining us.

Sara Lopez is an intuitive coach and certified hormone specialist in Vermont, U.S..  She founded the first Adenomyosis Summit in 2020.

Sara’s experience with chronic pelvic pain and severe anxiety in her 20’s led her on a journey to find healing and overcome overwhelm from high sensitivity.  She felt constantly on edge and unable to breathe, so much so that she could barely work.  

Her journey led her to teaching in the public schools for 14 years and then to doing an intensive apprenticeship with women’s health experts based in New York City.  From there, she coached countless women struggling with pelvic pain.  She found something was missing from the women’s health coaching world: the emotional piece.  When she began supporting women to focus on emotional healing, she was amazed to watch them find physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental balance and transformation.

Now, she helps women tap into their intuitive wisdom so they can heal their reproductive system and hormones. Her work has been published in Sensitive Empowerment, Core Spirit, and Period magazine.  Find her on Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/empathmagic

Rachel Pelisson is an Intuitive Coach, helping women co-create their dream lives & businesses through self-awareness, embodiment & energy healing. 

Rachel is a highly empathic intuitive and has been coaching for over 17 years. Combining her psychic abilities with practical strategies for physical, mental & emotional wellness allows her to take a truly holistic approach to empowering women to co-create abundance, joy & freedom in all areas of life.