The Empath Summit

Turn Up Self Love 

Join us for a three day magical journey in the space between waking and dreaming.  The Empath Summit will inspire and motivate intuitive empaths &/or highly sensitive people like you to create focused transformation from a foundation of self love.  

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It’s time to transmute your wounds into light, dream and achieve big, and create from your highest self. 

The summit will run from Tuesday, February 22th through Thursday February 24th 2022.  Think of this time as a self care ritual and make it an experience where you wake up your senses.  

  • Light a candle to fill your space with beauty.  
  • Get cozy with your favorite warm herbal tea or green drink.  
  • Be comfortable with pillows and a blanket so it feels like a healing cocoon.

Register FREE here

Do you find yourself…

  • Being hard on yourself?
  • Taking what other people say about you to heart?
  • Giving so much to family and friends that you don’t have enough time every day for self care?
  • Critical about the way you look?

The Empath Summit will give you space to connect with your highest self and be present in the moment so you can access self 💕 love.  

When you live from a place of self love, you’ll:

  • Honor your boundaries 
  • Know yourself 
  • Love your body
  • Feel worthy of love 💗 

Empaths and highly sensitive people deserve to be held in a safe and sacred space so they can gently turn their attention to their heart space. Empaths and HSPs are healers of the world’s wounds. Their biggest challenge is often taking care of themsleves first before helping others.  Daily self care rituals are the secret to shining from the inside out.  

Magic happens when empaths and highly sensitive pecome together.  Each day of the Empath Summit will be filled with amazing speakers who are ready to support you as an empath and highly sensitive person.

You can attend the summit absolutely free.  The links to join each speaker session live are here, and they will be emailed to you as well.

As host of the Empath Summit, I want to introduce myself and warmly welcome you.  I’m Sara Lopez, and I’m an intuitive coach and reiki healer from Vermont, U.S.  

Register for the summit to win our organic handmade giveaways which will include an empath box, empath protection potion, aura cleansing bath potion, and pink yarrow flower essence.  Winners will be announced LIVE at the end of speaker talks.  U.S. or Canadian addresses only for the giveaway.

Speaker Schedule

Tuesday 2/22

9:00 a.m. EST, 2:00 p.m. GMT

Speaker:  Jael Ortega, Empowerment Specialist

Session:  How to Know Your Element Mentor or Guide as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person

11:00 a.m. EST,   AUST

Speaker:  Ryan Hassan, Co-Founder & CEO at The Centre for Healing

Session:  Dancing with Sensitivity, Creativity & Mental Illness

2:00pm EST

Speaker:  Tamara Douglas, Artist & Art Educator

Session:  Empaths, Art, & Intuition

4:00 p.m. EST, 1:00 p.m. PST

Speaker:  Emmy Marie, Trauma Coach

Session:  Empaths and Blooming after Trauma

Wednesday 2/23

10:00am EST

Speaker:  Brandon Bennett, Mindfulness Leadership Coach

Session:  How to Utilize Mindfulness to Navigate Through Life as a Highly Sensitive Man

12:00pm EST

Speaker:  Rachel Pelisson, Intuitive Coach

Session:  How to Turn your Empathy from a Curse into a Powerful Healing Gift

11:00 am. PST, 2:00 p.m. EST

Speaker:  Julie Bjelland, Psychotherapist

Prerecorded Session:  Healthy Friendships and Relationships for HSP Empaths

6:00 p.m. EST, 7:00 a.m. AUST

Speaker:  Jennifer Turnham, HSP Extrovert-Coach and BWRT Practitioner 

Session:  Becoming an Evolved HSP Empath

Thursday 2/24/22

9:00 a.m. EST

Speaker:  Sara Lopez, Intuitive Coach

Session:  Turn Up Self Love:  A Self Care Ritual for Sensitive Empath Creators

11 a.m. EST, 4:00 p.m. Portugal time

Speaker:  Ryan Mathie, High Performance Coach

Session:  Overcoming Anxiety and Creating Unshakeable Beliefs

2:00pm EST,  7:00 pm HST

Speaker:  Kelsey Voller, Chronic Illness Strategist

Session:  Three Root Causes of Anxiety

All zoom links for sessions will be emailed to you one week before, and again, one day before, the summit.  A replay of talks will be emailed after the summit.

Get to Know Our Experts

Meet the crew of big thinkers and paradigm-shifters who will be joining us.


Jael Ortega is a Highly Sensitive & Empaths Leaders Results Coach, Empowerment Specialist, Intuitive Consultant, and Energy Healer.

Since 2019 Jael has helped over 280 people like Drs. Nurses, Coaches, Psychologists & professionals working in Mental Health embrace their own and their client's sensitivity, feeling strengthened by and proud of it.

Jael's work focuses on healing the Inner Child. Jael does this by helping them understand that their current illnesses are closely related to childhood events.

To support them, she knew their Inner Child had to be healed and released to go back to being a child while the real adult inside takes place and learns to Master their Mind & Energy, creates sustainable success at work & home and fulfils their Soul-aligned Purpose.

Jael's work led her to realize that Empaths have five different Master Mentors: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Minerals. When these Mentors are not in balance, they create confusion and; degenerative patterns like dependencies, etc.

Jael is passionate about harnessing the power her sensitivity gives her to live a life full of joy, clarity, and vitality. "Being vulnerable is being strong." We are the Leading Edge of Humanity.


Brandon Bennett is a Mindful Clarity Coach, helping highly sensitive men slow down, gain clarity on their path forward, so they can step deeper into their authentic inner power, and live more purposeful, peaceful, happily balanced lives.

An INFJ and highly sensitive man himself, prior to coaching, Brandon worked in corporate sales as a Senior Executive for the #1 valued sports franchise in the world. He now utilizes his business background, as well as certifications in yoga, mindfulness meditation, and holistic health, to support professionals in reducing stress and overwhelm, in order to tap into their authentic essence,  step more powerfully into their life callings, and create a positive impact in the world.

A world traveler and global citizen at heart, Brandon resides in the beautiful and nature-filled country of Costa Rica, where he virtually supports clients through personal 1:1 and group coaching.”

If you’d like to read more about him and his work, you may check out his website at:

Julie Bjelland is a psychotherapist specializing in high sensitivity, founder of Sensitive Empowerment, Author of The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person, and host of The HSP Podcast. She’s regularly featured in international podcasts, articles, and as an expert speaker. Her books, blog, online courses, free Masterclasses, and Sensitive Empowerment Community have helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSPs) worldwide reduce their challenges, access their gifts, and discover their significant value to thrive to their fullest potential.

Her HSPs in Business Group connects and supports HSPs, offers referrals, collaborations, networking, and free listings on her public HSP Practitioners directory, HSPs to Interview Directory, and HSPs in Business Directory. Julie loves mentoring and empowering sensitive people, and especially women in business. Her HSP Dating Group is a safe space bringing together conscious, kind, caring, sensitive people, offering both hetero and LGBTQ+ Directories for HSPs.❤️🌈❤️ (she/her)

Ryan Mathie 
is a Scottish author, coach, and expert in personal and professional development who is best known for helping new and ambitious coaches build their businesses as the Co-Founder and CEO of ‘High-Performing Coach’, a company that he has led since 2019 alongside his co-founding team, Maxwell Nee, Adrian Shiel, and then Tina Brigley who joined in 2020.

Through a clear and direct approach, Ryan has built HPC to reliably develop coaches to become better coaches, better entrepreneurs, create high-fee clients, and build a profitable business with velocity. Notable mentions from his body of work that make HPC effective and unique include a transformational training process he calls, Unshaeakable Belief, The 5 Essential Elements to Creating a High-Fee Coaching Business, and the Breakthrough Process.

Ryan is a leading figure amongst the rise of new coaches in the industry and is regarded by his peers as one of the best, most highly trained, experienced coaches in the world.

As well as his passion for helping people living conscious and limitless lives, Ryan loves dogs, playing golf, meditating, and being on time.  His first solo book, ’High-Performing Coach - How to Create High-Fee Clients & Build a Profitable Coaching Business from the Heart’, is due to be published in early 2022.

Emmy Marie is a trauma survivor turned educator, writer, speaker, and coach. She uses her experience of survival and recovery to help other survivors own their truth, reject shame, and connect to their power. She is based in the Pacific Northwest and loves spending time reading books, hiking, and watching The Office when she's not nerding out about the latest trauma research.  Her website is

Ryan Hassan is Co-Founder and CEO at The Centre for Healing.

His passion for helping people with Mental Illness and Addiction comes from his own pain.

Ryan suffered from anxiety for as long as he could remember and that manifested in many destructive patterns throughout his life, culminating in a hardcore drug addiction to Methamphetamine & GHB.

Whilst this addiction took everything material from his life, it was also Ryan's greatest blessing. 

He was forced to face up to his mental and emotional demons, and he not only overcame the addiction but also his anxiety to feel peace for the first time.

This led him to completely immerse himself in how people end up in emotional pain and how it’s possible for anyone to be free from it.

This led him to opening The Centre for Healing, to help people who have found themselves in the pain he once was.

Ryan has been a Trauma Therapist for many years and has successfully helped countless people in getting past their Addictions & Mental Health issues through his experience, understanding and knowledge.

He is also co-creator of the healing modality Embodied Processing, with colleague & friend Matt Nettleton.

Together they have over 5,000 students from all across the globe.  The Centre for Healing


Jennifer Turnham is on a mission to educate the world about the unique, brilliant, often misunderstood, very tiny sub-section of the population known as Highly Sensitive Extrovert Women (HSP-Es).  She is also determined to unite all HSP-E Women out there and encourage them to see that they matter, they have a powerful voice that needs to be heard, and possess unique gifts that are in short supply in today’s world.

It’s time for HSP-E women everywhere to stop dimming their light, and shine their brilliant empathetic lights bright.

Jenn shares her passionate, quirky, eclectic personality through her blog, and in her Facebook Group for HSP-E women, Highly Sensitive Extroverts: Bright Sparks.

With a strong background in applied psychology (B.Psych, BWRT (Reg.), Jenn has been using her knowledge, training and experience in helping people use the power of their minds to overcome challenges since 2008.  She now focuses on helping HSP-E women thrive in a world that currently doesn’t quite understand them.  She does this through assisting them to own their uniqueness, and see their sensitivity as their superpower.  Her website is

Tamara Douglas is an Artist and Art Educator in Atlanta, Georgia. She has educated over 6,000 children and adults in various art therapies and expression techniques.  She teaches her students that Art can be used as tool to express and understand the deepest human emotions. Tamara has a passion for expanding self love and emotional intelligence thru human understanding.  She believes art can be used as a catalyst to enrich, enliven and elevate the lives of many.

Tamara is also a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher as well as an Intuitive Healer. She uses her empathic and intuitive abilities to heal, connect and expand consciousness all over the world. Her current artworks encompass the life altering magic of color, line, shape and repetition as  meditative visions for the mind. These elements of art are used to transport the viewer into a mindful, therapeutic and visually exhilarating experience.   Instagram: @tamaradouglasart

Sara Lopez is an intuitive coach and reiki healer in Vermont, U.S..  She is the founder of Empath Magic, a digital community for empaths creating focused transformation.  

Sara’s experience with chronic pelvic pain and severe anxiety in her 20’s led her on a journey to find healing and overcome overwhelm from high sensitivity.  She felt constantly on edge and unable to breathe, so much so that she could barely work.  When she learned about highly sensitive people and empaths, she finally understood herself better and learned to navigate the world in a new way.  

Her journey led her to teaching in the public schools for 14 years and then to doing an intensive apprenticeship with women’s health experts based in New York City.  From there, she coached countless women struggling with pelvic pain.  She found something was missing from the women’s health coaching world: the emotional piece.  When she began supporting women to focus on emotional healing, she was amazed to watch them find physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental balance and transformation.

Now, she helps empaths and highly sensitive people with emotional clearing to create focused transformation from a place of confidence, calm, and self love.  She believes empaths are healers of the world’s wounds who deserve to be better understood.  Her work has been published in Sensitive Empowerment, Core Spirit, and Period magazine.  Find her on Pinterest:

Kelsey Voller is a chronic illness strategist, helping people who struggle with chronic and complex health issues. She received formal education with a graduate degree in nutrition and functional medicine for chronic illness issues, however, she jokes that her own body provided her with most of her health training. 

Kelsey experienced chronic symptoms since she was a toddler, but they escalated quickly in her teens. By age 20, she was dealing with multiple disease labels and was told she'd need to manage those diseases with medications for the rest of her life. By age 23, she had to quit her job due to the severity of her symptoms and was bed-bound for weeks to months at a time for the next several years. She worked with many practitioners and tried many protocols, but didn't find substantial, lasting results. Kelsey's journey to find true healing eventually led her to the Medical Medium information. After many years of suffering with issues including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, endometriosis, chronic pain, hypermobility, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurological fatigue, interstitial cystitis, celiac disease, hypothyroidism, insomnia, and painful joints, Kelsey regained her health thanks to the Medical Medium information. Regaining her health has been the greatest gift in Kelsey's life and is why she is passionate about helping others to do the same.
This interview and the information shared are not affiliated with or endorsed by Medical Medium, Anthony William of or his team.
Instagram: @kelseyvollerhealth

Rachel Pelisson is an Intuitive Coach, helping women co-create their dream lives & businesses through self-awareness, embodiment & energy healing. 

Rachel is a highly empathic intuitive and has been coaching for over 17 years. Combining her psychic abilities with practical strategies for physical, mental & emotional wellness allows her to take a truly holistic approach to empowering women to co-create abundance, joy & freedom in all areas of life.