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I help sensitive beauties with painful, irregular periods or pelvic pain heal holistically, clear emotional stress, and feel good in their bodies again.

If you’re experiencing painful, frustrating mystery symptoms like heavy or irregular periods, or vaginal/pelvic pain and you’ve tried everything natural but nothing works, I can help.  

Through Emotion Code clearing and holistic health consultation, I show you exactly how to get symptom relief, by getting clear on your next steps on your health journey, and going deeper with your holistic plan.  I also create a safe and supportive healing cocoon for you as you’re going through the emotional stuff coming up and falling in love with your body again.


I work with women experiencing:

• heavy bleeding

• cramps

• hot flashes


• vaginal or vulvar pain

• a desire or plan to stop hormone drugs (the pill/HRT or to get an IUD out)

• other mystery hormone and reproductive system issues

My inspiration for women’s health coaching came from my journey to heal myself and my family.  I’ve been there and know how it feels!  

After a series of tests to see what would help for my uterine polyps, severe pelvic pain, hot flashes, PMS, and heavy bleeding, a top GYN expert (let’s call him Dr. One Way Thinking ;)) told me I would have to take synthetic hormones for life.  I refused to believe this and chose a different path. 

I discovered that going on the pill for period problems only made my hormones more of a hot mess.  I learned from my grandmother to turn to mother earth for healing.  I have healed severe pelvic pain, digestive problems, low iron, migraines, anxiety, post traumatic stress, PMS, uterine polyps, and chronic UTIs. I am proud to be off all synthetic hormones and feeling good without the pill or a hysterectomy.

On the journey to balancing my hormones, I realized my calling was to help others find their own heart, soul, and womb wisdom. I did an apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim and other women’s health experts and then worked with countless women.

I discovered one thing was missing in the work I was doing: emotional healing for my clients.  The mind-body connection is often overlooked by modern medicine.  

I chose to jump into learning exactly how to guide my clients to heal emotionally as well as physically and I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  I’m inspired by the work of Anthony William, Medical Medium, and have found that using Medical Medium information moves the health needle the fastest to improve symptoms.  

I am a free spirit and love walking barefoot around my Vermont neighborhood with my chihuahua puppy, Jet.  Some of my fav things to do are go to farmers markets, saunas in winter, and finding new swimming holes and beach spots.  My favorite food is guacamole 🥑.  If you haven’t tried putting pomegranate seeds in guacamole it is delicious!  

It’s been so beautiful to witness and hold the space for clients to heal.  I’ve seen transformations in so many sensitive beauties I’ve worked with as they transitioned to stop taking hormone drugs or deepened their holistic health plan and found relief.  

Apply for a free 45 minute holistic health clarity call with Sara here.

During this call, you’ll discover:

• The possible reasons why acupuncture, diet changes, pelvic PT, or supplements haven’t worked to reduce painful, irregular periods or vaginal/pelvic pain for you

• An easy way to take control of your health and reduce irregular periods and pelvic/vaginal pain.

• Ease and clarity around decision making and your holistic healing journey


    “Interesting thing happened. After you worked on my daughter she was in the ocean and her knee buckled.  Normally this would be a scary thing but I think it was something that was released. She said her knee has not felt this good since her surgery. She now has full range of motion which she did not have and the pain in the kneecap is gone.   Can’t thank you enough!”

    - Lily Kano, Bloomfield, N.J. U.S.

    “I believe I had a lot of emotions stuck in me that affected my pelvic area. I believe it has also been a contributing factor to me having fibroids and endometriosis. Thank you so much for helping me release them.  I feel so much better.  I have more energy throughout the day.”

    - Endo and adenomyosis warrior

    “Working with Sara was an amazing experience! She listened to my story and was able to help me find answers to questions that have been bothering me.

    I’ve had several questions about my ovaries ever since a doctor made a comment in passing about PCOS and Sara was able to put my fears at ease.

    She was also able to address some issues I’ve been having with my liver and gave me options for clearing out toxins.

    Sara leaves you feeling uplifted and comforted while giving you actions that are understandable and easy to implement.” 

    Nicole Hegstad, Minnesota, U.S.A

    “Sara worked with my teenage daughter because she was having some personal issues. This was becoming stressful and frustrating for both of us. I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous as to how the conversation would go between them since teenagers are so fickle with personal matters. Sara has a calm and kind personality. She absolutely connected with my daughter. She is relatable and actually has many personal stories to add to the conversation. She gave us great advice moving forward not only to help with health but also on how to take care of one’s self as a woman. She gave us dietary suggestions, ways to help relax, and the realization and validation that being female isn’t easy and we have to be kind to ourselves and she is here to listen and help along the way.  Once we put her suggestions in place, my daughter was able to avoid taking the pill and her cramps disappeared.”

    Maggie Hazard, Burlington, VT, U.S.A

  • I am a Certified Hormone Specialist,


  • and a Certified Emotion Code practitioner.

  • I have a Masters in Education from University of Massachusetts Boston and I’m also a reiki master.