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ready to feel good in your body again, naturally?

Botanical Healing Inspired by the Plants

A Few Facts

There are 12 main channels for chi, or life force energy, that all meet at the stomach in Chinese medicine.

These channels also bring nutrients to your lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous system.   Working where the channels meet, the abdomen, improves chi, or energy flow, through the whole body.  

Abdominal massage increases the flow of chi and boosts digestion, relieves bloating, and helps release stuck emotions in the belly.


I do a unique blend of Chinese and gentle Mayan abdominal massage with botanical healing.  It is safe to receive during any part of your cycle and is fine if you have an IUD.

Just fill out my easy and confidential intake form and I’ll send you a link to book in my calendar!  This will allow me to understand your needs better so I know what to focus on.

Most people notice a release of tension in their stomach.  This can feel like increased warmth or a sense of relaxation.

I typically massage the abdomen with an herbal oil and tune into my intuition about what plant or flower will help you heal.  At the end, I’ll share this with you.