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Abdominal Massage In Person



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Are you looking to:

  • Jump start digestion?
  • Get out of survival mode and into calm?
  • Ease cramps, pelvic pain, irregular periods, balance hormones, or boost fertility?

Abdominal massage can help with:

  • digestion
  • cramps
  • irregular cycles
  • fertility
  • energy
  • calming the nervous system
  • hormone balancing
  • emotional balance

Abdominal massage is a unique blend of holistic healing using Chinese and gentle Mayan massage techniques and acupressure to create a feeling of warmth and emotional well-being. It is deeply relaxing and you will feel physically and emotionally supported throughout.  The acupressure and gentle massage techniques releases tension and trapped emotional energy within the body.

Disconnection from our body and emotional stress can cause our belly to tighten and become imbalanced. Going from doctor to doctor, or medication to medication, can leave you frustrated and without answers or relief from terrible abdominal symptoms.  Releasing tight abdominal points through massage from a trained practitioner will help ease painful symptoms.

Receive a 1 hour Sunday afternoon session from Sara Lopez at the Railyard Apothecary wellness space in Burlington.  The session is a safe and healing cocoon to fall in love with your body again.

After your massage, Sara will show you at home massage techniques tailored to you and share what she felt and any insights that came through.

Client Love Notes

I love Sara’s abdominal massage sessions!  I have been doing the massage she showed me on myself.  I have had 2 pretty normal cycles!  It’s been about 3 years of horrible heavy bleeding and irregular cycles.


I did abdominal massage for over one year and it shrank my adenomyosis and uterus to less than half the original size.  I also released a lot of emotional energy and negative feelings which Sara said were held in my stomach.


Book Abdominal Massage

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before your session.

I believe you have the answers and I am a guide to help you uncover all of your wisdom when it comes to knowing what to do to feel better holistically.  I’ll listen fully and offer support and encouragement.  

I am an abdominal massage therapist, Certified Hormone Specialist, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, reiki master, and have a Masters in Education.  My training in Chinese abdominal massage at the Wellness Collective and in Mayan abdominal massage in New York City led me to offer this new healing modality.

I’ve seen beautiful transformations in so many people I’ve worked with as they deepened their holistic health plan and found relief from severe symptoms.

Your session is a safe space to:

  • get support around the emotional ups and downs of navigating health issues. Healing is not linear.
  • discover a targeted, natural modality that will work for your unique body
  • clear stuck emotions from the belly that are getting in the way of your physical healing
  • get clear on exactly what will work to find relief for your unique mystery symptoms
  • understand the root cause and possible reasons why other modalities have not helped

Working with me is perfect for you if:

  • you want to easily release trapped emotions and generational patterns that are stuck in your body and belly so that you can be in the vibrational states of love, peace, and freedom.

Abdominal massage helps ease the symptoms of:

  • Digestive issues e.g. constipation, bloating, appetite, gas 
  • Fertility issues
- Sexual trauma, abuse, abortion

  • Ovarian (PCOS) and breast cysts
 Ovulation imbalances
- Fibroids, heavy bleeding
- Pelvic infections/pain

- Pre-menopause/menopause

  • Endometriosis 

  • Menstrual related issues (regulate and improve pain)

  • Hormones, irregularity, pain, 
  • PMS

  • Lower back issues

  •  Chronic migraines/headaches

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$21 off your first session!

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before your session.

Contraindications to abdominal massage:  It’s best to wait a few hours after eating a large meal before receiving abdominal massage. Lighter meals are fine before your massage.  This kind of abdominal massage is safe to do during any phase of your menstrual cycle including a heavy period, and it is wonderful to do if you have an IUD.

If you are pregnant I would be happy to refer you to a prenatal massage therapist.

Please note:  I have a 24 hour cancellation policy in order to best serve my clients.  I prefer cash, check, or Venmo/Cash app payments after the session to avoid credit card fees.  Please stay home if you’re sick.  If you arrive wearing a mask, I will wear one as well.  Please wear comfortable clothes like you would for yoga or working out as you can undress to your comfort level but don’t need to take pants/bottoms off.