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Empath Protection Potion



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When you’re an empath you feel what others are feeling deeply and can tend to take on other people’s stuff.  If someone close to you has an emotional wound that is similar to yours, you may find it difficult to set healthy boundaries for fear of hurting them.

Are you an empath?

Empath Protection Potion clears our energy and helps us release what is not ours, so we can hold clear energetic lines or boundaries.  Others may sense this shift, and be less likely to cross our energetic line.  Empath Protection Potion gives our subconscious mind the message to let go of needing validation outside of ourselves and to release the need to “fix” others when it is not healthy for our well being.

It is a declaration to the world and yourself that you are valuable, worthy, and deserve love and respect.  You can roll it on your lower back, wrists, stomach, or any part of the body.

Ingredients:  DoTERRA frankincense essential oil, DoTERRA fractionated coconut oil, garnet and turquoise crystals, organic mugwort, reiki, and empath magic.


Garnet-  This warm, pomegranate color stone is healing for the root chakra. It draws energy from mother Earth and clears out negativity by flushing toxins from both your body and mind.  Garnet brings a sense of safety and grounding and boosts confidence in yourself and your worth.  Travelers traditionally carry garnet to light their way and with this gem close by you will always be protected and you will always find a way.

Turquoise- This blue gem brings courage to your heart and strengthens your ability to communicate to others effectively.  It calms the mind and helps give you courage to speak your truth about your needs, fears, and desires.  Turquoise is a soft and gentle truth seeker. It invites you to dig under the surface to uncover what is working for you and what isn’t.


Mugwort- This lunar plant in the Artemisia family is often used as a cloak of protection as well as for spiritual dreaming through accessing messages from our unconscious that may show up in our dreams.  Keep your journal near by if you put on Empath Protection before bed.  Mugwort is also a powerful energy and vibrational shifter, clearing out low vibration emotions and de-stressing when faced with emotional or intense situations. 

Empath Protection Affirmation:

“I program this healing stone to bring balance and protection to my mind, body and soul. Please, bring healing to me. Thank you!”  Remember to say thank you to the healing crystals for their gifts and support.

Mugwort is grown in my organic Vermont garden, harvested and dried in the sun ☀️, and reiki infused with love.

All herbs and materials have been saged and are all natural, organic, and of the highest quality.  You are precious; treat yourself accordingly.  You are worth taking the time to treat yourself to self-care.

What can you take off your plate to make room for taking care of yourself and remembering your magic?

xx, Sara