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First Welcome Session




I believe you have the answers and I am a guide to help you uncover all of your wisdom when it comes to knowing what to do to feel better holistically.  I promise to listen fully and offer support and encouragement.  

I am a Certified Hormone Specialist, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, reiki master, and have a Masters in Education.

I’ve seen beautiful transformations in so many women I’ve worked with as they deepened their holistic health plan and found relief from severe symptoms.

This is a 50 minute session via zoom.

Consultations are a safe space to:

  • get support around the emotional ups and downs of navigating health issues. Healing is not linear.
  • discover targeted, natural modalities that will work for your unique body
  • clear stuck emotions that are getting in the way of your physical healing
  • get clear on exactly what will work to find relief for your unique mystery symptoms
  • understand the root cause and possible reasons why other modalities have not helped

Working with me is perfect for you if:

  • you want to hold a clear, clean energetic line so that others sense and respect your boundaries and you protect your energy.
  • you want to easily uncover and quickly release trapped emotions and generational patterns that are stuck in your body or womb so that you can be in the vibrational states of love, peace, and freedom.

Please note:  I have a 24 hour cancellation policy in order to best serve my clients.  Session must be scheduled within 1 month of purchase.


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