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Flower Baths E-Book



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Flower Baths is a heartfelt book for empaths and sensitive people with mystery symptoms.  It will help you use the right medicinal flowers and plants in your baths for healing of the mind and body.

This book is focused on the medicinal benefits of each flower and plant, so you can find exactly what may help you.

It includes an herbal reference guide at the end, so it’s easy to find what botanical remedies are for your ailment.

With healing bath recipes for:

  • sleep
  • hormone balancing
  • energy cleansing
  • empath protection
  • heart opening
  • natural pain relief

and a bonus foot soak chapter, Flower Baths will next level your self care bath routine.

Soak away aches and pains, warm your body and feet, and calm your nervous system.

Why You’ll Fall in Love With It:

  • Easy, simple recipes with ingredients you can find in your home garden or kitchen 
  • Instant access with an E format book and it’s portable so it makes a perfect gift
  • Empaths and sensitive people easily take on others’ emotions and “stuff.”
    Each bath celebrates the strengths of being an empath or sensitive person while supporting our healing.  

Every bath recipe will help you connect to your highest self by:

  1. maintaining healthy boundaries
  2. reducing overwhelm
  3. energetic clearing

Flower Baths Includes:

  1. Journal prompts for self growth 
  2. Meditations for balance, centering, and grounding
  3.  Affirmations for wisdom 
  4. A high definition photo of each flower and plant

Grab the book and indulge in luxurious, organic flower bathing magic just like a Queen!