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So you’ve had some success, but you can’t quite break through to the next level? 

Does this Sound Familiar to You?

You feel confused or worried about hormone or pelvic issues.

You’re overwhelmed trying to decide what to do next, especially when you have tried everything natural but nothing works.  Then you have to cancel your plans because you don’t feel well.  

You’re experiencing chronic mystery symptoms such as:

  • painful, irregular, or heavy periods and cramps
  • pelvic infections, cysts, fibroids, or polyps
  • PMS
  • hormone issues
  • adenomyosis or endometriosis
  • poor digestion
  • low energy 

Showing the Love

More About the Process


The Well-being Scale


Step One

We always compare pain or worst symptom scores on a well-being scale at the start of working together and again towards the end.  It’s incredible to see how the well-being scores improve over the course of time.

In the well-being rating below from a woman I worked with, you can see that on 3/11, she rated her pain at a 6-7 on a scale of 10.  After two months of working together, you can see that her pain score went down to a score of 3-4 on 5/15.  I loved how she circled just anxiety as an emotion on 3/11, but on 5/15 circled excitement and joy!  


Clearing Stuck Emotions


Step Two

We’ll start with getting clear on what you are experiencing and your desired goals. I will invite you to do an easy 10 minute guided exercise on getting in tune with your body, intuition, and womb and releasing stuck emotions.  Next, I will show you how to do muscle testing and I will also do muscle testing to help you identify what needs to be cleared.  We will clear it and I will send you reiki.   



the top resources

Step Three

Next, we’ll dive into your holistic health plan and come up with doable next steps that feel aligned with your life.  I’ll hold you accountable for them.  

It's For You IF...

You want to get to the root cause of your mystery symptoms so you gain the knowledge to heal.

You’re ready to target symptoms holistically and reduce the chances you’ll need surgery or medications.

You’re open to pivoting when what you’re doing isn’t working.  You’d love to clear emotional stress in a safe space/healing cocoon.



alright, let’s do this now!

Learn to Live Your Dreams

We’ll create a safe and supportive healing cocoon for you as you’re going through the emotional stuff coming up and falling in love with your body again.