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The Ultimate Guide to Foraged Morel Mushrooms

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For anyone who is interested in the world of wild mushrooms, foraging for morels is a must-try adventure. Foraged morel mushrooms are unique and delicious fungi that grow in the wild and are highly sought after by gourmet chefs and foragers alike.

These elusive mushrooms have a distinctive appearance with a hollow, cone-shaped cap and a honeycomb texture. Their flavor is earthy, nutty, and meaty, making them a divine addition to any meal.

To get the most out of your morels, understanding where to look for them and how to cook them is crucial. Foraging for morels does require some expertise, so it’s essential to educate yourself beforehand.

This guide provides everything you need to know about foraging for these little treasures of the forest, including tips on identifying them, cleaning them, and cooking them to perfection. Explore the world of wild mushrooms and discover the magic of foraging for morels.

Where to forage for morels

Some years morels are easily found, while others, like this one in Vermont, are harder to find. Morels can be found under dying elms, sycamore trees, and other trees in the forests. The best time to find them is wet, warm spring weather. In Vermont this is in the month of May.

These mushrooms are a fungi that have a mutually beneficial relationship with trees. They connect to the tree roots underground and nourish the tree and vice versa. Morels are hollow inside and have a pitted cap. My mom always used to say you’ll know it when you find a motel! Make sure to use a mushroom ID app to confirm you’ve found one.

If you want to buy foraged morels, my friend Benjamin from Tomias Wildcrafting sells them.

How to keep morels

These mushrooms don’t like being wet, so don’t wash them until you’re ready to eat them. They need air and ventilation and do not do well kept in a plastic bag. When you are hunting for them, use a bag that is well ventilated and does not squish them. I like this one because it can be used for fruit picking as well as mushroom hunting.

how to clean morels

Soak morels in salted, filtered water overnight to clean them and remove any little bugs.

How to cook foraged morel mushrooms

If your foraged morel mushrooms are dried, heat up a pan on high heat. You can spray the pan with a high temp smoke point oil like avocado oil if you wish. When it’s nice and hot, put in the morels and drip water onto them. They will rehydrate and puff up like fresh morels. Now you can chop them into smaller pieces!

Fresh morels must be cooked or they will irritate your stomach. Sautéing them chopped or puréing them and adding to a sauce are two delicious ways to cook them.

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