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Thinking of Stopping the Pill, IUD, or other hormone drugs?

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Are you thinking of stopping the pill, IUD, or other hormone drugs? When a specialist (let’s call him Dr. One Way Thinking ;-)) told me I would have to take hormone drugs (the pill, IUD, depot, etc.) for life to control heavy periods and passing out from severe cramps, I was completely overwhelmed at first.  

Hormone drugs made me feel moody and anxious in the past and I knew about how toxic they are.  I knew the birth control pill completely shuts down your reproductive system and stops your brain from communicating with your ovaries.  I knew the World Health Organization officially labels combined oral contraceptives as a Group 1 Carcinogen, on the same list as other more publicized causes of cancer such as asbestos, tobacco, and tanning booths.

The specialist’s recommendation ended up fueling my determination to get off and stay off these bandaid hormone drugs. I have been off any hormone meds for 7 years and love how I feel in my body. 

It’s been so beautiful to witness the sensitive beauties I’ve worked with decide to transition off hormone drugs and feel good in their body again.  If you’re holding a candle to wanting to be hormone drug free in the future, honor where you are at.  Stopping the pill or IUD without huge side effects is possible.

How do I prepare to stop the pill, IUD, or hormone drugs?

Give yourself about six months to prepare your body to stop the pill, IUD, HRT, or other synthetic hormones.  Nutrition, supplements, emotional healing, mindset, and lifestyle are all important components of a smooth transition off hormone meds.  

Supporting your liver, adrenals, and immune system is key to preparing your body.  


Healing foods and drinks are key to any plan to get off hormone drugs.  Avoid these troublemaker foods:  dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, corn, pork, alcohol, caffeine, processed sugar, and vinegar.  Troublemaker foods increase pelvic inflammation and feed viruses and bacteria in the reproductive system.  

Eat organic as much as possible and incorporate lots of raw veggies and fruit.  Top healing foods for pelvic health include wild blueberries, berries, lemon, banana, and fennel. 


Taking the birth control pill or other hormones often causes nutrient deficiencies.  Taking active B vitamins, natural vitamin C, vitamin D, bio available zinc, and magnesium is essential to replenishing lost nutrients.

Emotional healing

Research shows that emotional stress lowers the immune system.  Bolstering our immune system by clearing emotional stress gives our mood a boost before stopping hormone drugs.  

Releasing and clearing stuck/trapped emotions from my body that I inherited, absorbed from others, or didn’t process from the past helped me go from feeling scared of making a decision and change to feeling free of all that emotional stress during my own transition off the pill.  

😊😊The Emotion Code is the simplest way to get rid of trapped emotions stored in the body. Emotions are a form of energy.  Trapped emotions lower the immune system. By identifying and clearing trapped emotions, we support the body’s natural ability to heal.


What should you expect when stopping the pill or IUD?  I experienced an increase in my hair falling out when I stopped the pill.  I also stopped spotting daily and experienced less constipation.  The pill had caused gut and bloating issues, and those healed over time.  

Here are some comments about stopping the pill or IUD:

“I feel much better without any hormones, no mood switching, my sex drive increased, a pain after sex stopped, no nausea, constant cramps dissapeared.”

“With the mini pill I had weight gain, constipation, bloating, low mood, and acne.  I have none of this while off them so I’m better without.”

Always talk with a medical professional about health concerns,  


“Become your own liver expert.” – Anthony William.  The liver processes our hormones.  A lifestyle that befriends our liver allows our hormones to be in better balance.  Each body is unique and no two people need the same thing.  Slow living and enjoying sunbathing, walking, rebounding, meditating, prayer, or other self care activities nourish the liver.

If you have symptoms like not getting your period back after 4-6 months of stopping the pill or other hormone drug, acne, digestive issues, heavy periods, anxiety, mood problems, hair loss, migraines, you may want to look up Post Birth Control Syndrome.  

Sara Lopez helps sensitive beauties with painful, irregular periods or vaginal/pelvic pain heal holistically and clear emotional stress so they can feel good in their body again.  She is a Certified Hormone Specialist and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  Her website is:  https://empathmagic.com

Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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