Create your own latvian herbal apothecary

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You’ll learn how to create an herbal remedy for your own Latvian herbal apothecary.

As second generation Latvian, traditional herbal remedies were part of my culture growing up.

When I skinned my knee, my grandmother would reach into her home apothecary and pull out birch salve to soothe it.

Foraging for Home Apothecary: Wild Birch

Foraging is about slowing down, nurturing connection with the plants, and following your natural rhythms.

Birch twigs, Scissors, Mortar and Pestle, Glass Pyrex jar or a One Quart Wide Mouth Mason Jar,  coconut oil

How to Make this Herbal Remedy


Sanitize a mason jar by either dipping it in boiling water (use tongs  to pull it out) or running it through the dish washer.  Make sure the  jar is dry.

Break up the small twigs by either grinding them with a mortar and pestle or cutting them up into small pieces with scissors.


Next, put the ground or cut up twigs and leaves in the jar, filling  up the jar if possible.  Pour organic, fractionated coconut oil into the  jar until it reaches the top.


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