How to Make a Dream Pillow with Herbs

Empath Magic

By creating this beautiful dream pillow filled with a mix of soothing  herbs, you can finally say goodbye to tossing and turning all night  long.

Not only will it provide a pleasant aroma that can help you relax, but it can also help with headaches, anxiety, and stress.

These organic cotton muslin bags are perfect for making your dream pillows.

With its heart shaped leaves, lemon balm is associated with the divine feminine and our emotional self.

Lemon Balm

Rose is associated with Mother Mary, guardian angels, Lady of Guadalupe, Archangel Gabriel, and Metatron.


Lavender is named for the Latin word “lavare” meaning to wash.  The  cleansing aroma of lavender cleanses negative energies from others.


Your whole family will find delight in putting their dream pillow under their pillow or in drawers.

How to Decorate Your Dream Pillow with Herbs

Adding a ribbon, sprig of fresh plant, or other decoration will give your gift an extra touch of charm.

How to Decorate Your Dream Pillow with Herbs

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