Energy Protection Crystals

Empath Magic

Did you have favorite energy protection crystals or rocks as a child? When I was five I started a rock club in my basement with my friends.  I was president, of course.

I found rocks and crystals wherever I went.  Something about their perfect geometric shapes grounded and calmed me.

Now I realize that as an empath and highly sensitive child, the crystals  I loved had given me a sense of protection and security.


It draws energy from mother Earth and clears out negativity by flushing toxins from both your body and mind.

This blue gem brings courage to your heart and strengthens your ability to communicate to others effectively.



Also called the Empath Stone, nuummite is a must have energy protection crystal for any empath.

Many empaths experience overwhelm and sensory overload being in urban, chaotic, or busy environments.

Aura Cleansing

As an empath, you may overhear an argument or watch/hear bad news on the  TV or radio and become irritable because of the effect on you and your  energy.

Aura Cleansing

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