Following your heart when you’re heartbroken as an empath

Empath Magic

I’ve always had this intense feeling that I had to be fulfilling my purpose at every minute.

Having a sense of always missing something caused me to feel heartbroken as an empath.

It was almost painful at times because you feel like you’re wasting your  time when you do normal stuff.  I think it’s an empath thing.

A heart wall is created by your subconscious to protect you from heartache.

What is a heart wall?

It is made up of many unprocessed emotions from the past when you don’t allow yourself to feel sad.

What is a heart wall?

A heart wall can also be called an under active or blocked heart chakra from being heartbroken as an empath.

What is a heart wall?

Protecting your energy and heart chakra is important for every HSP  empath.

Can I protect my heart without having a heart wall?

– I feel my feelings deeply and completely. – I am worthy. I am valuable and loved just as I am. – I am not defined by who I’m taking care of.

Affirmations for the Heart

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