Heart Opening Magic Flower Bath Recipe

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Adding flowers to your bath creates a sacred space for self-care and relaxation.

We explore the emotional and physical benefits of flower baths, how to  set one up in your home, and what flowers to choose for the ultimate  heart opening bathing experience.

Just like when it’s too loud we cover our ears, when our heart is too  stressed we cover it up and put up a heart wall out of self protection.

Bring about 1/2 gallon of filtered water to a simmer in a small pot and add flowers. Gently simmer for 1/2 hour.

Heart Opening Flower Bath Instructions

- Non sprayed rose petals - Pink crystal - Optional: Epsom or Dead Sea salt

Bath Ingredients

Gratitude for Botanical Healing

Remember to say thank you to the flowers and herbs for their gifts and support. Here is an affirmation/prayer that you can try.

“May these flowers and herbs bring balance and protection to my mind, body and soul. Please bring healing to me. Thank you!”

Gratitude for Botanical Healing

Heart opening flower baths offer a special way of taking a bath that combines relaxation, self-care, and energy healing.

Gratitude for Botanical Healing

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