Honeysuckle Lemonade: Wildflower Drink

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Honeysuckle lemonade, a wildflower drink, is not just refreshing, but also incredibly beneficial to your health.

Honeysuckle flowers are a staple in any herbal home apothecary and are known for their healing properties.

This recipe is made with honeysuckle syrup that contains a lot of honey, so the lemonade has a honey taste.

Healing with Honeysuckle Flowers

Honeysuckle is native to China, Japan, and Korea and was introduced to the West in the 1800’s as an ornamental plant.

– Honeysuckle syrup – Filtered water – Organic lemons – Ice cubes

Ingredients in Honeysuckle lemonade


– Stainless steel ice cube tray – Glass pitcher – Wooden spoon


– Pour honeysuckle syrup into glass pitcher. – Add filtered water and stir. – Juice 4 organic lemons and stir lemon juice into mixture.

– Freeze an ice cube tray and drop 1 fresh honeysuckle flower in the middle of each cube before freezing. – When ice is frozen, add ice on top. – Serve chilled on a summer day.

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