Hormone Restore: Hormone Balancing Diet Tips

Empath Magic

Going on the pill for period problems only made my hormones more of a  hot mess.  I learned from my grandmother to turn to mother earth for  healing.

I have healed severe pelvic pain, digestive problems, low iron,  migraines, anxiety, post traumatic stress, PMS, uterine polyps, and  chronic UTIs.

On the journey to balancing my hormones, I realized my calling was to help others find their own heart, soul, and womb wisdom.

Hydrate your womb/uterus

Drinking tons of water alone doesn’t hydrate you or your womb/uterus on a deep level.

The best kind of B12 supplement has methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin together.

Take B12

Take natural vitamin C and eat foods high in vitamin C

Progesterone is the hormone that boosts a healthy mood, good sleep, and a calm nervous system.

Using anti-inflammatory essential oils mixed with a carrier oil on your belly can help restore hormone balance.

Use essential oils on your belly/womb

Celery juice is the ultimate pathogen buster.

Drink celery juice

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