How to Make Herbal Honey

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Have you tried herbal honey?  Herbal honey tastes divine and contains so  many nutrients that will boost your immune system and calm your spirit.

You can mix it in tea, slather it on biscuits, or my favorite, eat it right from the spoon!

As a second generation Latvian, I have loved honey from the moment I could remember.

You will need:

– Dried nettle – Raw liquid honey – Dried rose petals – Wooden chopsticks – Cinnamon sticks – Glass jar with lid

Put nettle, cinnamon sticks, and rose petals in the bottom of the clean, dry glass jar.

How To:

How To:

Pour the honey on top of the herbs. Mix herbs into honey with chopsticks. Let the jar sit in a cool, dark cabinet and shake it every few days.

It’s up to you if you want to strain out the herbs with cheesecloth or not.

How To:

Try not to get sticky!  You may need a shower.


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