Increase Low Iron Levels Holistically

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Women with heavy periods often struggle with low iron levels or ferritin.

Symptoms of low iron or ferritin levels include shortness of breath,  heart palpitations, fatigue, vision issues, cold hands and feet, brain  fog, anxiety, lightheadedness, hair loss, and dizziness.

Working with a healthcare professional and doing a high level natural  protocol for anemia increased my iron and ferritin levels holistically.

The Difference Between Iron and Ferritin

Hemoglobin (iron) levels often test as “normal” while ferritin levels  are low.  Low ferritin causes the same symptoms as low iron.

Anemia is linked to low vitamin D, so you need vitamin D for iron absorption.

Increasing Iron Absorption Holistically

Exercise and Healing Modalities

Massage increases the circulation of oxygen around the body which is of benefit with low iron.

Meat has about 45% heme iron and 55% non-heme iron in it.  Beef has 6 g  of iron per serving while chicken and turkey have 1-2 g.

Iron Boosting Foods

Iron boosting foods include: spinach (eat raw), barley grass juice powder and spirulina, swiss chard to name a few.

Iron Rich Diet

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