What Happened at a Latvian Summer Solstice Ritual with Herbal Magic

Empath Magic

When I got an invitation to a Latvian summer solstice ritual at Cate Hill Orchard, my heart did a little dance.

As first generation Latvian, I always wanted to connect with a community  that understood my culture and could help me learn more about it.

We gathered at the top of the sun laden hill to make the flower crowns  and sing traditional Latvian and Russian summer solstice songs.

Maria’s Honeyberry Juice

Honeyberries are in the blooming honeysuckle family and originated in Russia, though they are grown in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Simmer honeyberries for 10 minutes on low and strain the liquid.  Add  raw honey once cooled to a warm temperature and raw apple juice.

Maria’s Juice Recipe

Maria’s Juice Recipe

Refrigerate and serve cold.  Juice will keep for 1 week in the fridge.

Something incredible happened at the summer solstice ritual- as we were singing, the veil to the plant spirits lifted.

You could see the field of oat straw swaying and dancing, celebrating  with us.  I could feel the pure joy of the plants and flowers basking in  the last rays of late evening sun.

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