Self Care Feminine Energy Bath Ritual

Empath Magic

During this 25 minute self care feminine energy bath ritual you will  be tuning into your lunar wisdom and feminine power that comes from your  creative center, your womb.

Your womb is an energy center of feeling that holds all of your emotions.

This ritual can be done during any part of your cycle and is safe if you have an IUD or are on the pill.

What you need:

– Organic herbal tea – Unscented candle – Journal or paper and pen – Aura Cleansing Bath Potion

Take a few sips of your herbal tea, get comfy, and unplug from the outside world for the next 20 minutes.



Light an unscented candle and set an intention to tune into your womb and send your body some love.

Close your eyes, put your hands over your womb, and take a breath in  through your nose and out through your mouth. Be gentle with yourself.

Bath Ritual Meditation

I am safe.  I have everything I need. Say your affirmation and feel the feeling of having it, getting a  clear picture of all the smells, tastes, and sounds in your clear  picture.


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