Top 5 Herbal remedies for Easing Period Cramps

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I am going to share with you my go to womb herbs for period cramps that actually work.

Because I felt caught between a rock and a hard place, I ended up on the  continuous birth control pill at one point for pelvic pain.

These five herbs have helped me relieve pain in minutes.  You may  find it feels so empowering to use natural and herbal remedies.

Nettle for Period Cramps

Nettles are a plant that have both relieved cramps and kept me going  when my energy was low. 

250mg of ginger three times a day has been shown to reduce heavy, painful periods and improve digestion while you’re at it!

Ginger for Period Cramps

Cinnamon for Period Cramps

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices in the world, and it has been used  for its healing powers in many kinds of holistic medicine.

Taking 255mg of valerian for the first three days of your period lessens stabbing and aching cramps.

Valerian for Period Cramps

A clinical study of women with dysmenorrhea (very painful periods) shows  that thyme works as an equally powerful anti-inflammatory compared to  ibuprofen.

Thyme for Period Cramps

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