Ukrainian Hand Embroidery: A Rich Cultural Skill

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When I arrived at the orchard, the beauty of the women gathered and wildness of the farm and orchard calmed me.

As I began trying to hand embroider for the first time, I remembered  trying to learn to knit and crochet.  Eventually I gave up because I  just couldn’t do it.

My first attempt wasn’t perfect by any means but embroidery felt like something I could really learn.

A rushnyk or rushnik is a Ukrainian or eastern Slavic decorative and ritual embroidery cloth.

What is rushnyk embroidery?

In pandemics, rushnyks were placed on the edges of the village as  protection, and people had to pass under them to remove sickness.

How was rushnyk embroidery used in the past?

For any life passage like birth, death, or marriage, embroidered rushnyks were used.

How was rushnyk embroidery used in the past?

The image of a virgin or goddess with her palms raised became the popular tree of life embroidery symbol.

Symbolism of Rushnyks

Avoid synthetic fabrics and go for natural fibers.   Linen, hemp, cotton, or linen/cotton blends are excellent.

Fabrics for Embroidery

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