What Defines Cottagecore? 3 Secrets to a Simple Cottagecore Life

Empath Magic

This aesthetic is all about celebrating the beauty of nature and  cherishing the traditional ways of living that have been passed down for  generations.

With cozy floral prints, intricately hand-knitted blankets, and ceramic  mugs filled with steaming tea, cottagecore is a world of comfort and  warmth that can’t be matched.

It’s a return to the days of our childhood when we would spend hours  playing outside and picking wildflowers for our mother’s vases.

1st Cottagecore Secret:  Slow Down

Cottagecore reminds us of the importance of slowing down and savoring  life’s little pleasures, like curling up with a good book by a crackling  fire.

Cottagecore is remembering the smell of my grandmother’s rolls baking in the oven. It’s slowing down enough to smell a rose.

1st Cottagecore Secret:  Slow Down

2nd secret: Ignite Your Creativity

Creating with your hands is a transformational act these days. It is at the heart of the feminine essence.

Spend the afternoon making Baltic herbal remedies and then dream up new creations cloud gazing in a field.

2nd secret: Ignite Your Creativity

Cottagecore celebrates old time wisdom, from traditional crafts to family heirlooms handed down through generations.

3rd secret:  Savor Old Time Wisdom

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