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What I did to heal from adenomyosis

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My Journey Healing from Adenomyosis

At points in life I had such bad pelvic pain that I would pass out.  It felt like my insides were splitting open and I could not find pain relief.  A top specialist told me this was normal for my condition.  He also told me I would have to take synthetic hormones for life to control the symptoms and there was no way to heal from adenomyosis. He said hysterectomy was the only cure.

I was diagnosed by ultrasound with adenomyosis and a “bulky, enlarged uterus” about 10 years ago.  I had mixed feelings about the diagnosis because I was relieved there was a name for my symptoms but I was confused about what to do.  After years of trying everything and feeling like nothing worked to stop heavy bleeding and cramps from adenomyosis, I finally figured out how to heal.

My last pelvic MRI showed no adenomyosis present 🎉and my uterus was back to normal size.  I do still have symptoms but they greatly improve when I upped the cleansing protocol that I know works to heal from adenomyosis.  I am finding being in my 40’s, I have to do raw fruit and veggie cleanses a few times a year to keep my liver in optimum shape. If heavy bleeding or cramps flare like they did this winter, I know I better cleanse as well as pivot and add to what I’m doing.  

Is Bad Bacteria a Root Cause of Adenomyosis?  

Targeting bacteria was 🔑 KEY for me in healing from adenomyosis.  Strep and LPS bacteria are a root cause of adenomyosis and endo related pelvic inflammation.  Women with endo have high levels of strep in their endometrium and cervix (course they haven’t bothered to study this for adeno yet 😡) study  New research shows that LPS bacteria drives adenomyosis. 

Emotional Healing and Adenomyosis

At points on my journey dealing with adenomyosis I felt alone, frustrated, desperate, and afraid.  Emotional stress lowers our immune system and LPS and strep bacteria get on their party shoes 👠 and have a field day in our vagina.  Hello excruciating cramps and out of control bleeding!  There is not one way to release emotional stress.  Clearing unprocessed emotions is so important to boosting the immune system and healing from adenomyosis.

During my women’s health coaching apprenticeship, another coach contacted me asking if I wanted to try an Emotion Code session.  I said yes and loved the emotional clearing session she did for me.  I felt lighter and clearer in my body, mind, and spirit and more free by releasing these stuck emotions from my body and reproductive system.  

Physical Healing from Adenomyosis 

Eliminating troublemaker foods and drinks (dairy, gluten, eggs, corn, vinegar, canola oil, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and soy) took time for me but was the foundation for my physical healing.  I felt super overwhelmed at first when my doctor suggested that I try going gluten free for a month.  I started with trying gluten free and then eliminated other troublemaker foods over the years.  

When you have cravings for troublemaker foods, it is often caused by adrenaline, a stress hormone.  When we go through emotional stress, adrenaline gets stored in our organs or brain.  

High fat, fried foods or other troublemakers suppress that adrenaline for a short time giving us a false sense of calm.  In the long run, these troublemaker foods burden the liver and make it difficult to heal from adenomyosis.

Hydration for Adenomyosis Healing 

Drinking tons of water alone doesn’t hydrate you or your reproductive system on a deep level.  Fresh, raw fruit 🍎 and vegetables contain living water 💦 that hydrates your liver and reproductive system fully.

A month ago I realized I was chronically dehydrated, even though I drank a lot of water.  Why?  I drank three strong cups of black tea ☕️ per day as well as sparkling water 💧 or seltzer.  Caffeine is very dehydrating.  Seltzer and sparkling water are also dehydrating.  Dehydration ups cramps and pelvic pain and decreases energy, especially if you have heavy bleeding.

The dehydrating effect of caffeine will slow down the lymphatic system and blood flow. This contributes to pelvic inflammation and slows our body’s ability to repair tissue and heal from adenomyosis.  This is why research shows coffee increases cramps.

It took planning, determination, and the support of a health coach to reduce caffeine with withdrawal symptoms (headache was intense 🙆🏻‍♀️) I could get past.  I am down to one weak cup of chai per day.  

Caffeine is highly addictive!  Caffeine is stored in the organs, tissues, and brain.  When you try to quit or reduce it, your body goes through cravings and then an adjustment period as your neurotransmitters and adrenal functioning are restored.  

To truly hydrate, I drank lots of coconut 🥥 water, ate 🥭 mangoes and 🍒 cherries, and upped my fresh fruit and veggie intake.  Coconut 🌴 water has the same electrolyte balance that we have in our blood making it the highest electrolyte source.  Cherries 🍒 get rid of toxins in the uterus.  Mangos 🥭 contain prebiotic compounds that encourage  and feed the good bacteria in the pelvis and intestines.  I could literally feel my uterus and ovaries drinking in this nourishing goodness.

Is your reproductive system hydrated?

At some points I’ve felt like I was doing everything for adenomyosis and it wasn’t working.  

When I did a hormone test called the DUTCH, I discovered my adrenals were completely depleted and my cortisol levels were way too low.  

We can’t usually see our blind spots.  One blind spot is often the adrenals. Cortisol is released by the adrenals in times of stress.  It’s great in the short term for dealing with a perceived threat, but it can be damaging if over or under produced in the long term due to chronic stress.  

Cortisol lowers immune system functioning, and shuts down digestion and the reproductive system.  Exhausted and depleted adrenals cause adrenal dysfunction, which messes up ovulation and causes strep and LPS bacteria to run wild.

Eating adrenal snacks every 1-2 hours keeps blood sugar stable and boosts the adrenals.  Here are some examples of adrenal snacks:

  • a few dates, celery sticks, and apple 🍎 slices
  • berries and 🍯 honey
  • spinach, avocado 🥑, and banana

Every body is unique and I believe you have all the answers within.  It’s just a matter of listening to your body and uncovering all of them!  I am with you, cheering you on and sending you so much love.

P.S. Some of you asked me to create a course about how to heal from adeno, and what worked for my clients.  It’s finally ready loves!

The Adenomyosis Cleanse is a comprehensive 101 course designed to guide you in doing a three day cleanse so you can heal heavy bleeding or cramps holistically and feel good in your body again.  This course is for you if you want to avoid a hysterectomy or synthetic hormones like the birth control pill.  Grab 2 chapters FREE now:  https://sara-s-school-d197.thinkific.com/courses/the-adenomyosis-cleanse

Sara Dessau Lopez is a Certified Hormone Specialist and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner from Vermont, U.S. She helps empath beauties tap into their intuitive wisdom so they can heal their hormones and reproductive system.  Sara is the founder of the 2020 Adenomyosis Summit and the creator of the Adenomyosis Cleanse. 

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