Empath Magic


dear empath beauty

Hey, I’m Sara!

I help empath beauties heal naturally, balance their hormones, and feel good in their bodies again.  

I’m passionate about helping you heal naturally.

I’m an herbalist, hormone expert, abdominal massage therapist, and Emotion Code practitioner.

Heal Naturally

Due to a cat scratch infection (don’t let your cat paw your face when sleeping fyi ;-)) I ended up needing rounds of IV antibiotics a year and a half ago.  This was a complete blind curve that caused me to have a big flare of adenomyosis and endometriosis symptoms.

I’ve I found myself so sick I was barely able to stand upright or speak at the grocery store.  I had been doing 3-6-9 cleanses and still felt terrible.  All this work and I was ready to give up. I was mad at the world, myself, and said to myself if I am meant to keep going give me a sign. 

I walked into the grocery store, tried to wrestle celery into my cart, and a woman said, “excuse me, I noticed all your celery, are you making celery juice?”  She described how she moved here from Japan, became a Medical Medium follower, and healed so many things. 

She was 78, but looked in her 50’s because she radiated such peace and love.  Angels gave me that sign that hope was on the other side.  I was given strength to keep going and go deeper with my holistic plan to turn things around.

If you have been thrown a blind curve, your body can heal.  Listen to what your body needs. 


A Few Of My Favorite Things


time with my gals


Quiet reflection in the garden.

Slowing down to notice the beauty of plants and flowers revives me.  Bringing celery juice along on walks is magical!


the quiet moments


Exploring barefoot.

I am a free spirit and love walking barefoot around my Vermont neighborhood with my wife and puppy. Some of my fav things to do are go to farmers markets, saunas in winter, and finding new swimming holes and beach spots. 


time for creativity


Growing Herbs

Herbs teach us how to embody softness.


finding adventure


Playing with my chihuahua puppy Jet.

Lucky he melts my heart because he gets himself into a lot of trouble sometimes.  

girl, the wait is over

Time to Stop Waiting ANd start Living


So What did I learn during my Journey to balanced hormones? I had the motivation, but I needed the tools. I’m saving you those early steps so you can skip right to success!

I’m dishing all the secrets about how I transformed my life.